Myths about Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is often dismissed and it’s down to an unlikely source. As ever, myths and rumors circulate and they sometimes put ideas into people’s mind that mislead them. So, what are the myths surrounding carpet cleaning and are they something to be concerned with? Read on to find out more.

Once The Carpets Are Professionally Cleaned They Will Be Lifeless

For some reason there is a rumor circulating that if you were to wash your carpets they will lose their natural appeal and that they will end up dull. Carpets can often look lifeless with the color drained from them but in most cases, it’s down to the fact they haven’t been properly maintained. Once you actually wash a carpet with proper eco-friendly cleaning products they can look as good as new. Really, if you use the best professional carpet cleaning services you can find your old carpets look new again and it can happen. Dirt and grime build-up and they can often discolor carpets, but once they are treated and thoroughly cleansed, the carpet can look brand new again.Get updated news coming from this link:

Carpets Can Shrink With Intensive Carpet Cleaning

This rumor circulates in the upholstery cleaning world too. There seems to be a belief that if carpets are shampooed and intensively cleansed it will somehow shrink them. Now, while clothing can shrink in a hot wash, that doesn’t go for carpets. Usually, professional cleaners look at seeping up all excess moisture from a carpet and ensure it is treated properly. This will prevent any shrinkage and the carpet can look lovely once again. Too many people think carpets or rugs shrink after washing but in reality if they are properly taken care of, it doesn’t happen.

Chemicals Will Ruin the Carpet’s Fibers

Carpet CleaningCarpet fibers are strong and it takes a lot to destroy them. Yes, chemical-based cleaning solutions aren’t good for many reasons but they don’t usually destroy the fibers unless they are overused. Harsh chemicals can leave behind unwanted scents and are sometimes risky towards pets but they don’t actually destroy a carpet. Having said that; it is advisable non-chemical products are used on all carpets. They will still clean the carpet effectively but in a more gentle way; and you don’t have to worry about carpets going fluffy either. Professional carpet cleaning services know how to treat a carpet and only use the best products.

Forget the Myths and Rumors

The only rumors that count are the ones surrounding your cleaning company! Anyone can say they have heard this and that but is it really true? Carpet cleaning is a hard task for anyone and when you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be made much harder. However, professional cleaners can ensure your carpets are treated with the best eco-friendly products and look their very best too. Why waste money buying new carpets when a good shampoo and condition could solve your problems? It would be much cheaper to hire professional carpet cleaning than opting for a new carpet.

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